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WMG Presenting Panels at BEA 2015

Once again, WMG is organizing dynamic panels at BEA. Here are the details:

Thursday, May 28, 9:30am-10:20am—Women on Top: Women and Leadership in Publishing

With the recent news of women still fighting for equal pay and chipping at the glass ceiling, a number of publishing houses are being led by strong, talented women leaders. On this panel, three of these women leaders share how they rose to the top, and what it’s like up there.

What differentiates a leader from an executive? How would they describe their leadership style? How did they build leadership skills and leverage them for success? Did they experience a glass ceiling? What professional experiences were most formative or important in helping their success? Were there any role models (male or female) along the way? What personal and/or professional sacrifices were necessary?

Speakers include:
  • Bethlam Forsa, President, Learning Services, Pearson
  • Madeline McIntosh, President, Penguin Publishing Group, Penguin Random House
  • Lisa Sharkey*, Senior Vice President, Director of Creative Development, HarperCollins Publishers
For details, go to:

Friday, May 29, 9:30am-10:20am—Women Entrepreneurs: Launching and Building a Start-Up

The changing digital landscape has brought the word “start-up” into our daily lives, but what does it mean to launch and build a start-up from the ground up? You’ll hear from women entrepreneurs who’ve been there and are doing that. Questions they’ll address include: What helps a start-up thrive? What inspired or motivated them to take on the start-up challenge? What is it like to compete for financing and credit in the male-dominated worlds of venture capital and banking? What were the biggest obstacles to launch and growth? What would they do differently in hindsight? Was being female a help, a hindrance, or not a factor? What advice would they give to others looking to launch a start-up? Speakers include:
  • Joanna Stone Herman*, CEO, Librify
  • Linda M. Holliday, CEO, Citia
  • Ann Hedreen, Co-owner, White Noise Productions
  • Susan Ruszala, President, NetGalley
* WMG Member

For details, go to:

We’re also hosting a WMG and Bay Area Digital Book Women Meetup on Thursday, May 28th from 4:00pm to 5:00pm at the BEA Content and Digital Stage (in the Digital Zone. It’s a great opportunity for WMG members to meet members of the Bay Area Digital Book Women, a networking group of senior women with deep publishing roots who are leading digital change in their companies. The group was co-founded in 2012 by WMG member Charlotte Abbott of Abbott Communications, with Robin Seaman of Benetech/Bookshare and Anne Kubek of INscribe Digital, who have since become WMG’s first West Coast-based members. Come and meet key executives from companies like Apple, Chronicle Books, Goodreads, Inkling, and INscribe Digital–and show that women are at the helm of digital change in our industry. We will gather under a red balloon! Please note there will be a cash bar. RSVP here.

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